Highway Encampments
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WSDOT Falling Behind As Encampments Litter Freeways

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WSDOT Falling Behind

While #Seattle continues encampment sweeps multiple times each week, @WSDOT is not moving at same pace. I counted at least 10 camps in #Chinatown-ID alone on state property. Agency is clearly on a different timeline and community is asking why?

Mini Camps Along Highway

Clusters of tents+ structures remain in #Chinatown-ID on @wsdot property. Some have been here for more than year. Others popped up after massive 10th & Dearborn sweep few months ago.

Rights of Way Initiative

Since @GovInslee’s “Rights of Way Initiative” started earlier this year, @WAStateCommerce site appears to show less than a dozen removals so far. The most recent @WSDOT sweep in Northgate last week has not been added.

Common Denominator

This year alone, I have visited more than three dozen encampments on @WSDOT properties in #Washington. What do you think is “missing link” in all situations where homeless have taken over a site? Time to invest in steel stocks.