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City of Seattle Files Lawsuit as Drug Crisis Spirals Out of Control

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Drug Insanity Fueling Homeless Crisis

Even w/more @SeattlePD patrols, drug deals/use happening DAILY. Especially in #Chinatown-ID. This past weekend, I saw it all go down in front of kids. System BROKEN.

All Corners

#Chinatown-ID is in vicious cycle. Addicts use abandoned storefronts and vestibules to do drugs. KIDS just walking by! @nwasianweekly did a tremendous piece on the biz EXODUS in the community because of all the drugs, homelessness, and crime. I’m doing a follow up.

Must Read

“This may be the worst year for Chinatown businesses since the pandemic.”

Remember This?

Just last month, right next to @wsdot encampment in #Chinatown-ID near Vuu’s Beauty School. Guy injecting a needle in front of kids. This is a FULL BLOWN drug den!

Massive Opioid Lawsuit

Seattle City attorney @_Ann_Davison_ suing global consulting firm @McKinsey for allegedly “creating and fueling” on going opioid epidemic, killing a generation of Americans. Details below. Trying to get response from McKinsey.

Entire Lawsuit Below

The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis of historic proportions. It is the deadliest drug epidemic this country has ever faced. In 2021 opioid overdoses killed more than 80,000 Americans.


Other Cities Suing