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Burien Passes “no camping” Ordinance


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After weeks of contentious debate and public comment, the Burien City Council finally passed a “no camping” ordinance this week. This common sense bill was first championed by CM Stephanie Mora (@CmStephaniemora) and ended up being a close 4-3 vote. Now the heavy lifting begins. More than 60 people remain at the Ambaum Blvd encampment. I went there again this week. The open air drug use and trash is out of control. And sadly, Burien PD has taken multiple reports of young women being trafficked out of this encampment. Meanwhile, listen to Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling describe what Highline Public School Dist. is doing in response to this situation. The city is now in talks to bring on Kristine Moreland’s (@kmmoreland) homeless outreach group “The More We Love,” to help these men and women get off the streets. Most of the other housing/service providers in King County have just been ineffective in doing their jobs. @KingCoRHA But once again, it appears the FAR-LEFT activist class in this city could try to derail Moreland’s efforts. All because of ideology. I listened to the public comment and some of these folks also spewed total misinformation about what’s really happening on the ground. The homeless remain caught in the middle of this insanity. Something to closely watch in the coming weeks. #Burien