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Hearing From City Council Candidates Leading up to the Primary

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Final Countdown

August 1 primary is on Tuesday. There is still plenty of time to vote. So many tight races in Seattle, especially in District 7. Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis ,@LewisforSeattle) remains one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the city. I reached out to him for an interview on this election story but he never got back to me. Candidate Bob Kettle (@Kettle4Seattle) dissed me as well.

Instead I spoke to Olga Sagan (@OlgaSaganWA) and Aaron Marshall(@MarshallFor7) about top priority issues on my beat like homelessness, public safety, and the fentanyl addiction crisis. More importantly, they walked with me through some of the most notorious crime hot spots and open air drug dens in the downtown core. Clearly, they will be hands on leaders if they emerge out of the primary. Let the best man or woman win! Remember Seattle, you get what you vote for.

Devastating Campaign Ad

Attack ad emerges calling Lewis a “DANGEROUS FLIP FLOPPER.” Absolute take down of the D7 councilmember with his own words and actions. At this point, will Lewis even emerge out of the primary?