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Inferno in SODO Homeless Encampment

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Late Saturday night, a massive inferno engulfed multiple tents inside the unsanctioned SODO homeless encampment near the Salvation Army shelter at 6th Ave & Airport Way S. This is the site of Dow Constantine’s (@kcexec) failed HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. He tried to ram the project through last year without consulting the surrounding #Chinatown-ID neighbors, but the community fought back and won. But the land is still being leased by King County and the illegal encampment continues to be a blight and danger to the community. What a drain on the good men and women of @SeattleFire. Another encampment fire in District 2 and no sign of MIA Councilmember Morales( @CMTammyMorales.) Where is Marc Dones and the @KC_RHA outreach? #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil

Multiple Drug Overdoses

Back in January, emergency crews saved a woman suspected of a fentanyl overdose in SODO at this same encampment. @weheartseattle was on scene as well trying to help. Drug use here is rampant. @MayorofSeattle @kcexec @GovInslee @KC_RHA @KCCouncil @SeattleCouncil #Seattle

Reminder of Ferocious Fight

Last October, at height of the HOMELESS MEGAPLEX battle, #Chinatown-ID accused Dow Constantine(@kcexec) of pitting Asian American seniors against the homeless. They said Dow’s false narrative caused a tremendous amount of conflict and confusion on the ground. But @weheartseattle and Andrea Suarez used long standing relationships with the homeless along with street cred to broker the peace. One of my favorite stories from 2022. #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @CMTammyMorales @SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil