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King County Exec Constantine “not familiar with” KCRHA Turning Down Landlords

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King County Executive Dow Constantine (@kcexec) says “I’m not familiar with the situation you’re talking about,” after I asked him why landlords were being turned away from the King County Regional Homelessness Authority’s (@kingcorha) highly touted incentive program to get people off the streets. It’s a story KVI Radio’s Ari Hoffman (@thehoffather) and I broke earlier this week. Either Constantine was giving me spin today, or his media handler Chase Gallagher did not brief him on the situation. Constantine is on the KCRHA Governing Committee, responsible for oversight and approving budgets. Either way, Constantine went on to say he believes they should be working with more landlords in the private sector and gave a vote of confidence to KCRHA. Hoffman is working on a follow up story, stay tuned for the latest drop.

What’s the Hold Up?

The so called experts+politicians keep saying they need more affordable housing to end homelessness. So why are landlords being turned away from incentive program?

Major Concerns

Aside from the questionable rollout and management, attracting landlords still remains an issue. Worries about some homeless obliterating properties and attracting problems to neighborhood.

Uncertain Road

Former KCRHA CEO Marc Dones quit earlier this year, but was surprisingly hired as a consultant for the agency. Meanwhile, look at all the money going to salaries and overhead. Homelessness isn’t improving.

Look Who’s Getting Paid

But who’s holding these agencies accountable? Ultimately, what are the metrics for success or failure? It’s like a money pit.