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Man arrested in Seattle after threatening to kill journalist Jonathan Choe with baseball bat

The suspect's public defender claimed Choe was a “right-wing agitator like the folks over at Project Veritas” and that he "provoked a response and got a response."Published at The Post Millennial

By Ari Hoffman at The Post Millennial

A man was arrested on Wednesday after threatening to kill a local journalist with a baseball bat.

According to the Seattle Police Department, at approximately 11:40 am Seattle Police officers were flagged down near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and James Street by Jonathan Choe, 44, Senior Fellow and journalist for the Discovery Institute who stated a man threatened to kill him with a baseball bat.

Choe posted his video of the incident to Twitter and stated that he was “following up on the progress being made to keep tents off the streets.”

“Then I noticed a guy with a mini torch set up trying to light his meth pipe. I go over to interview him. As I am recording, this maniac wielding a baseball bat comes charging at me from across the street saying he wanted to kill me. You can hear the fellas warning me to get out of the area. I have never seen this dude in my life.”

“I immediately take off running and flag down police. As officers looked into his background, they discovered he was wanted on a warrant and arrested him on the spot.”

Responding officers reviewed the video footage of the incident and developed probable cause to arrest the for harassment.

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