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Seattle Pedestrians Save Woman from Overdose Death

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Woman dying after drug overdose was saved by four bystanders Sunday afternoon in #Chinatown-ID. TRUE HEROES. They teamed up to call 911, started chest compressions, and administered NARCAN. @SeattlePD and @SeattleFire arrived and took over. This is near the notorious Little Saigon drug den and open air black market which I have spotlighted for more than a year. It continues to thrive. Authorities say these types of close calls happen daily in #Seattle. In many cases, the addicts die. Why is this still being allowed on our streets?

*We need to find the bro on the bike and the fella wearing the Air Jordan cap. They played a massive role but took off before I could get their story and give them props.

Unending Drug Crisis

After the woman was saved Sunday afternoon, I thought she would go to the hospital for an examination but she walked right back into all the insanity in #Chinatown-ID. Just one block away from @seattlepd and @seattlefire, I saw two guys smoking CLEAR(meth) and fentanyl use by several other fellas. Even the drug addicts now carry NARCAN. The first responders say they see this every day. I document it every single day. Yet the law makers are passing bills that make it easier to do drugs out in the open and obtain free drug supplies in Washington state. This is insane. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a housing crisis. #Seattle