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Tensions Flare Over Pending Opioid Clinic in Lynnwood

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This evening tensions flare inside and outside #Lynnwood council meeting. Residents confronting Acadia Healthcare rep telling him not to open controversial OPIOID CLINIC near Alderwood Boys & Girls Club. @WADeptHealth and state leaders also being called out. Wild!

Put on Blast

#Lynnwood Council Prez George Hurst personally calling out @WADeptHealth, accusing state agency of bungling communication over OPIOID CLINIC saying, “It was a deliberate attempt to tamp down public comments.” DOH will ultimately make final call on clinic.

Massive Fight

This evening, #Lynnwood council gave Acadia Healthcare and @WADeptHealth an out. Don’t open OPIOID CLINIC near Alderwood Boys & Girls Club. Otherwise, residents plan on launching FEROCIOUS FIGHT and it will become a PR disaster and mess for state officials.

He Did His Homework

#Lynnwood neighbor Yucong He laid out case against Acadia Healthcare with company’s history of fines and settlements. This is citizen journalism in action. After council meeting, neighbors now asking @WADeptHealth to carefully scrutinize this corporation.

Fraud Settlement

Like other massive corporations, Acadia Healthcare has run into issues in past. Company paid 17 million bucks to West Virginia, largest healthcare fraud settlement in the history of state.

Lynnwood City Council Consensus

Monday night, the council agreed treatment is vital for addicts. But debate is over LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. City council is 100% against this clinic coming into office building at 2322 196TH ST SW.