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Homeless Encampment in Lichton Springs Finally Cleared

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Happening Now

N.96th St. homeless encampment in Seattle being cleared. But already many positive developments. At least 4 tiny house referrals and several motel vouchers accepted. But some campers are choosing to move to another neighborhood. On going story as clean ups continue.

Immediate Action

Unclear who did this, but someone already put out these concrete blocks on a spot that used to have several tents here on N.96th St., to prevent others from coming in.

Here We Go Again

Crews cleared multiple tents on N.96th St. this morning in Seattle. Outreach groups referred homeless into some form of shelter. But moments ago, neighbors confronted camper who returned. This can’t become the norm.

Parting Words

N.96th St. homeowners complained daily to city about encampment. @DESCSeattle Clement Place low barrier housing is on same street. Some residents there, including lady in vid, are friends w/homeless and blame neighbors for triggering sweep. Could get interesting.

Friday Night Gardening

Neighbors on N.96th St. spent hours installing wooden flower boxes and bushes on their Seattle street, hoping it prevents the homeless from moving back in. They don’t want a repeat performance of the problematic encampment that was cleared this morning.

Playing Their Part

This is what taking responsibility is all about. The good neighbors of N.96th St. now know they’ve gotta mobilize to help Seattle get back on track as the homeless crisis continues to impact so many communities.

American Nightmare

Knock on doors along N.96th St. and you will likely be met by hard working immigrants from Africa, Latin America, and Asia who sacrificed so much to buy property in this hood before campers moved in. One said, “This is not the American dream I was expecting.”