Lichton Springs Community Garden
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Neighbors of Licton Springs Create ‘Community Garden’ to Deter Tents

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Community Solutions

Last month I BROKE story about homeless encampment on N.96th St spiraling out of control in Licton Springs/Greenwood neighborhood in #Seattle. Instead of “eco-blocks” look at community garden NOW WORKING as deterrent against tents!

Purely Driven By Neighbors

They are now raising money to sustain this project! Many are immigrants from Asia and Africa, sacrificing so much to buy homes in Seattle. They say they are now on THEIR OWN, and will have fight to protect their community.

Planting Seeds

Neighbors say they will need to raise closer to $5k to sustain this project and will be turning to Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington to help with this community project. This could turn into a viable solution vs. controversial “eco-blocks.”

So Far So Good

With the exception of a few homeless trying to return, neighbors say the community garden has proven to be wildly successful in keeping campers away.

Immediate Solutions

Unclear who did this, but someone already put out these concrete blocks on a spot that used to have several tents here on N.96th St., to prevent others from coming in.