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Youth Soccer Team Stops Season, Leaves Due to Green River Road Encampment

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System Failure

All the elected officials in King County know about the Green River Rd encampment. They know about the crime, shootings, fires, drug overdose deaths, stolen vehicles, and environmental damage. Yet it’s being totally ignored. This stretch of road between Kent and Auburn has been littered with tents and RV’s for years. At the end of the day, this is on Executive Dow Constantine (@kcexec) but he’s MIA as well. The King County Sheriff’s Office is now being told to avoid this encampment unless it’s a serious emergency. After the latest incident of vandalism, Valor Soccer (@ValorSoccerUSA) is also ejecting from the area. Making matters worse, the deep woods are packed with tents and all kinds of forts. Dozens of people are living in there. Here’s what I saw:

-Close to 100 tents

-Wooden fort w/kiddie slide

-Hundreds of bicycles

-Thousands of pounds of trash

-Satanic worship area

Ari Hoffman and I are dropping another follow up story today. Meanwhile, listen to the entire interview with Valor Soccer CEO Dean Aldridge. He blasts Constantine numerous times for this system failure.

It’s a Mess

The Green River Rd encampment in Unincorporated King County remains one of the largest and most dangerous in the entire state of WA. Authorities say emergency calls here for shootings and drug overdoses are off the charts.

Game Over

Valor Soccer is officially canceling it’s season and leaving North Green River Park because of all the crime plaguing the area. Officials say the entire field was vandalized last week, leaving more than $100K in damage.