Ewing Park Kayakers
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After Sweep, Homeless Use Kayaks to Move to Other Side of Fremont Canal park

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Happening Now

This morning, city crews preparing to clear homeless encampment at Fremont Canal Park in #Seattle. But one outreach group’s been anticipating this SWEEP, and say they have already taken steps to stay in touch with the people who usually get lost in the shuffle.

This is a New One

Most of the homeless refused to go into SHARED shelter spaces being offered by outreach workers today after the Fremont encampment sweep in #Seattle. But some got concierge service to their next destination in a KAYAK.

The Other Side

West Ewing Mini Park is right behind @SeattlePacific on the Queen Anne side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. It’s now a growing homeless encampment as more people move in after city sweeps.

New Mode of Transportation

I gotta hand it to these fellas. I never imagined they would use KAYAK’s to shuttle homeless campers around PRIME WATERFRONT REAL ESTATE in #Seattle.