CID Megaplext Protest
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Tempers Flare as Chinatown Residents Protest New Homeless Megaplex

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Happening Now

#Chinatown-ID protesters remain outside proposed site of Dow Constantine’s(@kcexec) HOMELESS MEGAPLEX as some community members get a tour. But SENIOR CITIZENS say they don’t care what it’s like inside. What’s the plan if problems spill OUTSIDE into #CID?

Angry Confrontation

Wow, several people from homeless encampment already on site of Dow Constantine’s(@kcexec) HOMELESS MEGAPLEX are yelling at #Chinatown-ID elders. But they aren’t standing down. Protest organizers say they are not against the homeless. Just at WAR with Dow.

Tempers and Racism Flare

A homeless person walking back to her encampment just cursed out #Chinatown-ID elders and yelled, “Go back to your country!”