Comcast Encampment
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Comcast Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands to Clear Encampment

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Sweep On The Way

Homeless encampment next to #Comcast building in N. #Seattle on notice. @CampSiteSeattle first to report “eco-blocks” sighting. Now campers tell me city will sweep sometime next week. Recently, cable giant was accused of blasting loud music to drive out campers.

Put On Blast

Last month @comcast accused of using SUPER LOUD classical music and “psychological warfare” to drive out homeless from problematic encampment in #Seattle.

Few Months Ago

Other streets along N.Aurora Ave. have homeless camps blocking sidewalks. This blind man had enough. @ADANational needs to scrutinize potential Americans w/ Disabilities Act violations caused by encampments in #Seattle.

This Is Seattle

In second video, blind man is struggling to walk through debris on sidewalk from homeless encampment. A woman starts arguing w/blind man and accuses him of harrassement. Parts of city still upside down.