Sodo Drug Use
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Despite Sweeps, SODO Homeless Crisis Continues to Spiral Out of Control

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SODO’s A Mess

After multiple sweeps, RV’s/tents back on 3rd Ave/Holgate/Utah Ave. #Seattle CANNOT keep up. Meanwhile trash, crime, drug dealing evident. Why are we allowing HOMELESS addicts to die on our streets? We are losing a GENERATION.

He Called It

Everyone give Pat Robbins a standing ovation. He said the encampments would return to SODO. And once again, city is paralyzed. NO plan to get in front before these spiral out of control. Think about the tax dollars wasted.

It’s All Come Back

City is not keeping track of vehicles, but I am. All the same people are back with new additions. This is a mess. I feel for you @Starbucks HQ. The city is allowing RV owners to run the streets. @CMTammyMorales this is your district.