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Fire Erupts at Chinatown Homeless Encampment

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Another fire erupts at PROBLEMATIC homeless encampment on @WSDOT property in #Seattle‘s #Chinatown-ID. Inferno torched several tents. No injuries but biz owners are furious and want #WSDOT to SWEEP. Even @SeattlePD calling out state agency.

Calling Out WSDOT

I’ve obtained this email sent out by @SeattlePD to a concerned #Chinatown-ID community. Still waiting for @wsdot to respond to my questions. Bottom line, when will this encampment be cleared? It’s been on state highway property for months.

Victimized Again

Vuu’s Beauty School is taking the brunt of all the problems associated with this homeless encampment on @WSDOT property. Kim Nguyen owns the place and asks, when will @GovInslee start considering the needs of #Chinatown-ID businesses?

No Response From WSDOT

I reached out to @wsdot last Friday. I was told response coming by today. Meanwhile, look at the drain on @SeattleFire resources. The risks they take putting out RAGING INFERNOS at homeless encampments in city and along state highways.

Entire Narrative

This happened earlier this month, but the homeless encampment along with the charred remains are still on @wsdot property as of today. #Chinatown-ID biz owners asking state agency to at least clear the debris.