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King County Councilman Reagan Dunn Introduces Pilot Program to Remove Homeless from Woods

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@KCCReaganDunn introducing pilot program forming task force and giving county authority to remove homeless encampments in woods along Green River Rd/unincorporated King County. More details in my investigative series “Hidden Crisis in the Woods” pt. 2 launching today.

Right Now

Currently, King Co. does not clear homeless encampments on County property and has no procedures in place to do so. This is not a done deal. Entire @KCCouncil needs to vote in coming weeks. @KCCReaganDunn says legislation would only apply to this wooded area.

Interagency Task Force

It would include @kingcosoPIO, Depart of Community and Health Services, Local Services Roads’ Division, in collaboration with @KCRHA. Responsible for clean up plan involving current and future encampments and connecting homeless with shelter.

Sobering Stats

2020 Point in Time Count shows 64% of chronically homeless report battling a substance abuse disorder, and 73% of King Couny’s homeless say they’re struggling with a mental illness.