Squatter House Fire
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Seeking Warmth, Squatters Ignite House Fire Near Ship Canal Bridge

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Squatter City

#Seattle‘s Wallingford neighborhood has 5 houses on same street w/homeless people staying w/out permission. Many are breaking in from @WSDOT‘s Ship Canal Encampment. Once again @weheartseattle is back trying to help. Dropping FULL STORY this week.

Following Up

@KC_RHA says outreach workers are checking in on campers at @WSDOT‘s Ship Canal encampment. But right now, even the house squatters say @weheartseattle volunteers are only ones trying to help them find other options.


Saturday morning, neighbors in Wallingford say SQUATTERS from @WSDOT‘s Ship Canal Bridge encampment started a fire inside a house on 5th Ave NE. Today, the squatters came back. But neighbors MOBILIZED and had a message for them. Now the house is boarded up.

Saturday’s Fire

Neighbors say homeless living under @WSDOT‘s Ship Canal Bridge have broken into 6 empty homes on this SAME STREET. Still NO ACTION by city or state.

911 Was Called About Squatters

But this evening, neighbors say they are still waiting for #Seattle police to show. If you don’t know already, SPD remains down officers and calls like these are not considered “priority 1,” like a shooting or murder.