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Spokane Sheriff Sounds Off On Camp Hope: “People’s Lives are Being Crushed”

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Chatter in Spokane

@SheriffOzzie wants to move ahead sometime in November and clear out “Camp Hope.” But there is intel indicating FAR LEFT activists/ANTIFA could DISRUPT sweep. What a mess. Meanwhile Sheriff says he’s working back channels, hoping for orderly transition.

Ozzie Unfiltered

At today’s presser in #Spokane, @SheriffOzzie went off on local MEDIA and blamed “bureaucrats” for “Camp Hope.” A coalition of biz owners and neighbors want massive encampment removed before THANKSGIVING.

Everyone Getting Put on Blast

@SheriffOzzie clarified and said when he referenced “bureaucrats,” he was talking about @WSDOT_East and @WAStateCommerce. He also says Olympia cannot solve #Spokane‘s problems. Basically, just get out of the way and let us do our jobs.

Business and Neighbor Coalition

They are done w/”Camp Hope.” Want it gone before THANKSGIVING 2022. Not 2023 or 2024. Also, @FredMeyerStores is a 5 min walk from encampment. This manager couldn’t 100% say all issues are associated w/homeless, but there is no doubt some of it is.