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Massive Drug Bust in King County

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If There Was Ever Any Doubt

Multiple people associated with Mexican cartels facing federal charges today after massive drug and firearms bust in Ballard, Bothell, and West Seattle. Authorities confirm RV’s were being used to traffic illegal drugs. Yup, RV’s.

Sobering Statistics

Every politician/public health official in #Seattle and this region needs to understand, whatever’s on books RIGHT NOW is not working. Drug cartels are winning and killing off an entire generation of Americans. PRIORITIZE WAR ON DRUGS. EDUCATION.INTERVENTION.

Good Reminder

Authorities say fentanyl users come from all walks of life and it’s so easy to get. But the homeless are especially vulnerable because the dealers drive to encampments, offering concierge service.

Why I’m Focused On Drugs

I’m starting to realize this “housing first” approach is not working on #Seattle‘s streets. It is so difficult to get a straight answer from any agency or elected official on the drug epidemic fueling the homeless crisis.

They Just Want To Do The Drugs

Ask any addict on the street. If you want to give them housing, you better make sure there’s drug intervention and requirements as well.

I See It All The Time

I’m at these encampments on a weekly basis. There is drug dealing and drug use happening on the regular. VIDEO DON’T LIE. Remind me again why we allow these homeless encampments to flourish?