You Sweep We Strike Grafitti
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Far-Left Activists Threaten Property Damage if Seattle Sweeps Continue

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Fliers found in #Seattle‘s Central District, threatening @MayorofSeattle @SeattleCouncil @SeattlePD @SeattleParks and anyone supporting homeless encampment removals. Group calling itself “You Sweep, We Strike Collective,” is encouraging “DIRECT ACTION.”

Call to Action

The letter lays out motive for threats of violence and playbook.

Same Group

Last APRIL, I broke story about homeless activists trashing

@SeattleParks HQ on Dexter Ave. in #Seattle. More than dozen windows broken, several city cars spray painted/vandalized. They also left threatening msg saying, “You sweep we strike.”

No One Ever Arrested

In @SeattleParks HQ case last April, police say three men wearing all black hoodies and masks were behind brazen attack. But no one ever arrested.

Vandals Strike

April 2022 attack on @SeattleParks HQ happened after series of homeless encampments sweeps across city. Activists also threatened multiple workers during removals, but this attack on HQ was a first.