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Another Fire at Ship Canal Encampment as King County Fails to Address Safety

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Running Out of Patience

Horrible week for Marc Dones and @KC_RHA. Parents at John Stanford International Elementary crushed the agency and it’s mishandling of homeless outreach at Ship Canal Bridge encampment across street from school. Then another fire. @WSDOT @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle

Just Doing my Job

For nearly a year now, I have covered the DISASTER unfolding at the Ship Canal Bridge encampment. Today, some random King County worker tried to flex on me and told me to leave. How do you think I responded? #Seattle

So Done

#Seattle Council member Alex Pedersen slamming King County Regional Homelessness Authority saying, “@KC_RHA appears relatively slow,” in email sent to frustrated neighbor complaining about @WSDOT Ship Canal encampment. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee

Mayor’s Hot Take

I asked @MayorofSeattle about @wsdot problems spilling into #Seattle and Council member Pedersen’s statement regarding @KC_RHA‘s performance. The Mayor tried to be diplomatic, but city sources say he’s frustrated by slow progress as well.

Figure it Out

That’s what parents+neighbors are demanding from state+city leaders after another violent incident at Ship Canal Bridge encampment in Wallingford last month. #Seattle @GovInslee @KC_RHA @WSDOT @WAStateCommerce @MayorofSeattle

November 2022

@WSDOT‘s Ship Canal Bridge encampment is being blamed for shootings, fires, and squatters. @weheartseattle is trying to help. But when will @KC_RHA finish this outreach so it can be cleared? Been there more than a year. @GovInslee#Seattle

Squatter House Fires

Neighbors also say homeless living under @WSDOT‘s Ship Canal Bridge have broken into 6 empty homes on a nearby STREET. Still NO ACTION by city or state. #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @KC_RHA @WAStateCommerce

Squatter City

#Seattle‘s Wallingford neighborhood has several boarded up houses on same street. But homeless from @WSDOT‘s Ship Canal Encampment keep breaking in. @KC_RHA @WAStateCommerce @MayorofSeattle

House of Horrors

Look inside this house right next to the Ship Canal encampment and across the street from John Stanford Elementary. It’s currently boarded up by the landlord. But campers have broken in numerous times. #Seattle @KC_RHA @wsdot @WAStateCommerce

The Other Side

The Ship Canal Bridge encampment has two sides. The one in Wallingford and this one in the University District. Some campers who lost tents in the overnight fire simply moved here. #Seattle