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King County Regional Homelessness Authority Scrambles to Improve Reputation

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Crisis Management Time

The King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) just dropped this slick promo video featuring embattled CEO Marc Dones who rarely takes questions from the media. This comes at a time when his agency is being accused of incompetence and mismanagement. Dones is dealing with complaints from service providers about late payments, elected officials continue to scoff at his $12 billion dollar homelessnesss plan, and there have been numerous communication missteps this past year. Remember when Dones incorrectly cited state law and insisted no one could be removed from encampments unless a “permanent housing solution” was offered? Even Gov. Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) had to correct Dones. And King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn (@KCCReaganDunn) still wants KCRHA to be audited, citing lack of transparency. BTW, not sure why Dones decided to tout the “progress” on @WSDOT properties. They have cleared only 13 encampments so far this year. Problem is, there are still hundreds of encampments on state right of ways in King County and across WA. Is this really the standard for success? Where’s the accountability? Btw, no mention of tackling the root causes of this homeless crisis which are drug addiction, mental illness, and broken relationships. You can’t build your way out of this problem Marc. #seattle

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Backing Questionable Providers

KCRHA is still being scrutinized for it’s relationship with The Lived Experience Coalition. Back in February, nearly 40 homeless men/women were kicked out of a hotel for alleged violations under the LEC’s watch. #Seattle

Stunning Rebuke

Again in Feb, lawmakers picking apart CEO Marc Dones and his “wrong” interpretation of @GovInslee‘s Right of Way Initiative. Dones’ insistence on “permanent housing” delayed King County encampment sweeps. #Seattle @kcexec @MayorofSeattle

Final Word

Gov. Inslee confirmed proviso language DOES NOT require offers of “permanent housing ” to homeless on state right of ways. DIRECT rebuke of @KingCoRHA CEO Marc Dones’ interpretation. #Seattle

Parents Protest

In March, parents at John Stanford Int. School and neighbors protested after @WSDOT and KCRHA (@kingcoRHA) failed to remove the Ship Canal Bridge encampment, the scene of multiple shootings, fires, and deaths. #Seattle

Anyone Need a Job?

One of several being offered by KCRHA. Title: Deputy Chief Community Impact Officer Salary Range: $120,000-$140,000 Perks: UNLIMITED VACATION, 96 hours of paid sick and safe(no idea what the later means), etc

Jonathan Choe

Journalist and Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty
Jonathan Choe is a journalist and Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute's Center on Wealth and Poverty, covering homelessness issues for its Fix Homelessness initiative. Prior to joining Discovery, Choe spent several years as one of the lead reporters at KOMO-TV, consistently the top rated television station in Seattle. His in depth stories on crime and deep dive investigations into the homeless crisis led to measurable results in the community, including changes in public policy. Choe has more than two decades of experience in television news behind the scenes and in front of the camera for ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Tribune. He has also been nominated and honored with multiple industry awards including an Emmy. Choe spent several years teaching classes on emerging media and entrepreneurship to under privileged youth in inner city Chicago. As an independent journalist, Choe also contributes regularly to the Mill Creek View and Lynnwood Times and has reported on exclusive stories in the past year for Daily Wire and The Postmillennial.