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Seattle Street Sets up Eco-Blocks to Prevent Encampment Return

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This is a New One

Double the eco-blocks. Double the fun. I’ve seen a lot covering the homeless crisis. But this is a first. Remember late last year, cable giant COMCAST (@comcast) was accused of blasting loud music to drive out the homeless next to it’s building in North #Seattle? After a recent sweep, someone is taking some extra precautionary measures to keep them from returning.

Meanwhile, the city will never fine anyone for these clear violations, because illegal homeless encampments continue to flourish across the city. It would be a perceived double standard and a PR nightmare. However, if there is a biz owner or individual out there who’s been fined for putting out eco-blocks, let me know. The city looks like a war zone.

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It’s Come Down to This

Homeless in North #Seattle say #COMCAST is trying to drive them out with loud music. But bigger story is businesses resorting to this because of the city’s inability to rapidly address encampments popping up in same spot.