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Seattle Tourists Witness Overdose on the Sidewalk Downtown

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Downtown Disaster

Right after my segment about #Seattle‘s drug crisis aired Saturday evening with Dan Bongino (@UnfilteredOnFox), I did my weekly check in on 3rd Ave in downtown. Without fail, addicts were using meth and fentanyl in front of children and all the tourists. I saw tranq fentanyl wounds on users. One young man even overdosed! Once again I had to offer my NARCAN which I carry all the time. But thankfully, Seattle Police (@SeattlePD) officers had some on hand and saved his life.

Next week, Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) will issue an Executive Order addressing the fentanyl and synthetic drug crisis. We’re also expecting a preview of the Downtown Activation Plan. But will this be enough to take back this critical part of the city? Will Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) take me up on my offer and walk through this open air drug den? Still no response.

On Sunday I’m dropping an in-depth story on the current state of this vital corridor. I have more insane video. It is an American tragedy unfolding on our streets. For now, here’s a quick preview of what happened today.

Unending Drug Crisis

The drug addiction crisis is out of control on the streets of #KingCounty and #Seattle. Our teens and young people are now being targeted with drug paraphernalia, all in the name of “harm reduction.” Instead of working on anti-drug education programs in our classrooms, far-left activists and the “harm reduction” lobby want to give out more meth pipes and needles, no questions asked. Even after record drug overdose deaths, why are politicians still funding these failed policies? Is the “harm reduction” lobby too big to fail? WA NEEDS TO WAKE UP before the safe consumption sites and safe drug supplies start pouring into our region. The alternative to this madness is North America Recovers (@NorthAmRecovers.) This powerful bipartisan coalition is focused on “subsidizing recovery, not addiction.” @weheartseattle and @DiscoveryInst1 helped launched this initiative.

Wild Times in Chinatown International District

Woman dying after drug overdose was saved by four bystanders earlier this month in the #CID. TRUE HEROES. But we cannot allow these scenes to be normalized. #Seattle #fentanyl

Another Save

Back in January, @SeattleFire and @SeattlePD saved overdose victim’s life in downtown #Seattle. When will lawmakers realize decriminalization of drugs is fueling this crisis?