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Outreach Workers Say They’re Clearing Encampments, But New Tents Being Built in International District

Crazy Town After numerous fires, shootings, and crimes associated with homeless encampments on @WSDOT properties in #Chinatown-ID, @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones said outreach workers were now focusing on the neighborhood. But he wouldn’t say which camps or when it would all be cleared. He also failed to mention the plan for dealing with new campers who move in and add to the total. Homeless are now moving onto WSDOT properties, knowing they won’t be moved. There’s still no plan to get in front of these encampments before they spiral out of control. There’s also a problematic RV, feeding power to tents. Sunday afternoon, I saw several new tents being pitched on King St. @MayorofSeattle has the power and authority to Read More ›