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Huge Win for Chinatown: King County Disbands Plans for Homeless Megaplex

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Historic Win

Recapping Saturday’s #Chinatown-ID victory rally, when was the last time you heard about an Asian American community, made up of mostly SENIOR CITIZENS, taking down a King County Executive’s (@kcexec) plan to RAM through a HOMELESS MEGAPLEX? Unprecedented in #Seattle.

Coming Together

Before Dow capitulated Friday, many #Chinatown-ID residents were extremely disappointed in Democrats for being MIA. But Joe Nguyen and Sharon Tomiko Santos finally showed to put HOMELESS MEGAPLEX on BLAST. @KCGOP being praised for being with #CID since 1st rally.

Ongoing Challenges

As I was walking to Hing Hay Park on Saturday, I encountered another addict using a doorway to smoke drugs. This is a daily occurrence in #Chinatown-ID. This is why the advocates and seniors were worried about the HOMELESS MEGAPLEX exacerbating issue.

CID Wants More Police

Despite what FAR LEFT activists say, vast majority of #Chinatown-ID is 100% behind @SeattlePD. Officers escorted protesters during every rally and are treated with dignity and respect. It’s part of Asian American culture. That stereotype is true.

Front Page News

When was the last time you saw this HEADLINE in the Seattle Times? This was David VS Goliath. It was never about #CID VS homeless like the SPIN coming from some POLITICAL hacks. This must be considered for all PUBLIC SCHOOL civil rights curriculums in #Seattle.

Moment Dow Surrenders

After more than a month of protests, Dow Constantine announced defeat on Friday. He recognized enormous PUSH BACK coming from #Chinatown-ID community. CID organizers say they were getting ready to take this fight to the next level.