Greenwood Shooting
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Greenwood Neighborhood Holds Public Safety Town Hall

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Happening Tonight

Major public safety Town Hall in #Seattle‘s Greenwood neighborhood at Taproot Theater, 6pm. Last week, kids were collecting signatures, to demand immediate ACTION from elected officials. Might be presented tonight.

Huge Development

Neighbors at the Janus Apartments say the “SQUATTER” is now officially out! Guarantee this evening, that issue will come up at the public safety meeting. Residents want to know how you prevent something like this from happening again?

Shooting Suspect Still on the Run

Unfortunately, authorities have not captured this man, wanted for shooting COURAGEOUS security guard hired to patrol the Janus because of the SQUATTER and associated issues. Good news, guard is recovering.

Impossible to Ignore

And the homeless crisis and tent encampments growing in Greenwood will also be a priority topic. In #Seattle, top issues remain public safety, homeless issues, mental health crisis, drug free for all, and affordable housing crunch.

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