Sodo Rv Encampment
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Despite Sweeps, RVs and Tents Return to SODO

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Happening Now

After city spent tons of money sweeping this encampment on 3rd Ave. S and Holgate St. this summer, even more tents/RV’s are back. Biz owners are furious it’s being ignored. Waiting for @MayorofSeattle @CMTammyMorales to respond. Where’s enforcement?

Her Words

Back in May when @MayorofSeattle unveiled plan to tackle #Seattle‘s homeless crisis, I point blank asked Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington what they would do if campers returned to an area already cleared by city crews. She said they would try to remove within 2 days!

Few Blocks Away

City also removed RV’s and tents on Utah Ave S. in SODO. But literally the same RV’s/vehicles and some NEW tents are back. Biz owners say there is “SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT” happening in #Seattle right now.

Why Sweep and Allow it All to Come Right Back?

I was there when they cleared 3rd Ave S. & Holgate in SODO. These biz owners were SPOT ON. They all said the campers would come back and the city would be paralyzed again.

All Back

Here on Utah Ave S., more than 20 RV’s/tents/vehicles have returned. Hunkering down. #Seattle @seattledot @CMTammyMorales @MayorofSeattle They clearly did not take shelter or services from.