Georgetown RV Lot
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Despite Sweeps, RVs Set Up in Seattle’s Georgetown District

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They’re back! RV’s set up again near 7th Ave S. & S. Fidalgo St in GEORGETOWN after sweep. I’ve obtained surveillance video showing guy removing “ECO-blocks.” Neighbors+biz owners pleading with @seattledot and @MayorofSeattle to enforce.

Right Now

Entire street was cleared by @seattledot@SeattleSPU@MayorofSeattle a few months ago. I was there when crews moved in. I also saw aftermath when biz owners quietly moved in “ECO-blocks.” Technically illegal to use. This is now a FULL BLOWN street war.

The Dude

Biz owners say guy with the hat and orange shirt chained up “ECO-blocks” and dragged several to the side of the road so RV’s could move back and park.@seattledot says anyone bringing in these blocks are illegal. What about moving them to the middle of road?

Remember This?

Back in May, biz owners and neighbors were thrilled after this sweep. They blamed some of the campers for crime, trash build up, drug dealing, etc. So how much are all these sweeps costing the city? @MayorofSeattle @SeattleSPU @seattledot

Street War

Biz owners and neighbors are quietly putting out “ECO-blocks” all across the city. But campers continue to remove them and come right back. This is quite a cycle. NO END IN SIGHT. @MayorofSeattle @SeattleSPU @seattledot

Block City

This is Georgetown now EVERY SINGLE DAY. Since the city is struggling to keep up with RV’s, neighbors and biz owners take matters into their own hands. Neighborhood looks like a WAR ZONE. #Seattle @seattledot @SeattleSPU @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA