Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

Update: Easter Renewal at Lumen Field

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As the faith community concludes #Easter and Holy Week, a stark contrast is emerging in #Seattle. On one side you have the @Mariners playing @TMobilePark. On the other, it’s a game of survival. The homeless crisis is impossible to ignore.

Highway Homelessness

@GovInslee says there are more than 1700 unsanctioned homeless camps along state highways, like the sprawling one near @LumenField and @TMobilePark. Jurisdiction falls on @wsdot. But cities like Seattle have been doing the clean up, and struggling to keep up.

Stark Contrast

More than a million fans will likely head to a @Mariners game this season. And they’ll likely have a front row seat to the homeless crisis.

Hopeful Sign

With encampment sweeps intensifying in #Seattle, I’ll be taking a closer look at personal stories of the homeless. There is no one size fits all. This young man says @SeattlesUGM and @reachministrywa have impacted his journey. @MayorofSeattle it takes a village.


Earlier I caught tail end of @seattledot clean up on the outskirts of @LumenField and @TMobilePark in #Seattle. In April, so many of you were appalled by the conditions at this spot off the highway. Photos and vid of trash heap went viral. Looking slightly better today.