Licton Springs Tents
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New Homeless Encampment Growing Worse in Licton Springs

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Dozens of complaints sent to @MayorofSeattle about what’s being called Seattle’s next PROBLEMATIC homeless encampment w/new tents being set up consistently. Water being stolen from houses, drug dealing, loud noise, and confrontations w/campers. FULL report coming up.

Inconvenient Truth

Watch exclusive video. Guy stealing water from faucets. Neighbors say he’s associated w/rapidly expanding homeless encampment in Licton Springs. Campers tell me they MOVED here after series of recent encampment clearings in Seattle.

Community Outrage vs. Homeless Needs

Been tracking evolution of this Seattle homeless encampment for weeks. Started off with only a few tents. Now it’s more than 20. Homeless tell me @MayorofSeattle needs to add portable toilets. But neighbors say that would enable them to stay.

Sunday Afternoon

I counted more than 20 tents. It keeps growing because homeless say they’ve been cleared out from other parts of Seattle. Viscous cycle. I’m working on a full report with multiple voices on this matter coming up.