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RVs and Other Vehicles Cleared in Magnuson Park

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More Enforcement

Multiple RV’s and vehicles cleared today at Magnuson Park in Seattle. This lot was filling up with trash and abandoned vehicles. I have been trying to get campers perspectives in my stories. But today, only this neighbor with a take on personal responsibility.

From the City

“Initial reports are all vehicles and RVs (approximately 10) relocated from Magnuson Park on their own with the exception of one with fire damage.” The HOPE Team was onsite but won’t know about shelter referrals until tomorrow.

Vehicle Outreach

Good to see Jenn Adams with the Scofflaw Mitigation Team out here trying to get campers some gas. This group gets financial support from @KC_RHA for it’s vehicle outreach efforts. Everyone here with an RV says it is their home and they are not homeless.

Clearings Continue All Week

At least three planned vehicle/tent encampment clean ups in the city on Thursday alone. Campers being given several days notice. Clear message being sent. Services and shelter options will also be available. Times are changing for sure.