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Lynnwood Residents Urge Local Leaders to Reverse Course on New Opioid Clinic

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Face to Face

#Lynnwood community is fighting ferociously against Acadia Healthcare’s controversial OPIOID CLINIC scheduled to open in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Democrat state rep @laurendavisWA continues to take criticism for supporting project. But she’s pushing back and making her case.

More on the Way

Powerful protest last Saturday against controversial OPIOID CLINIC about to open near Boys & Girls Club. Demonstrators say they are for treatment but says clinics must move to part of city without kids.

After Rally

Protest organizer Vivian Dong says most recent statement sent out by Acadia Healthcare makes it seem like this is done deal. She’s furious at this sense of entitlement. I am waiting for Acadia and @WADeptHealth to respond to concerns.