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Americans With No Address


Conservatives and Liberals Have to Come Together on This Issue

I’m joined on my very first episode by actor Billy Baldwin and Discovery Senior Fellow and homelessness expert Robert Marbut. We talk about their upcoming documentary (Americans With No Address), our experience doing outreach on the streets of Seattle, and why the right and left have every reason to find common ground on homelessness, addiction, and untreated mental illness.

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Billy Baldwin Witnesses Seattle’s Homelessness Crisis

Discovery Institute is going Hollywood! Our Senior Fellow Dr. Robert Marbut teamed up with film producer Robert Craig and actor Billy Baldwin to make "Americans With No Address," one of the most important documentaries highlighting the nation's homeless crisis. We Heart Seattle's Andrea Suarez is also a key voice in the movie. Some of the cast members recently took a tour of Seattle. Read More ›

Documentary Hopes to Inspire Nation to Address Homelessness Crisis

Last night, a VIP Exclusive screening of the documentary "Americans With No Address" was held in Bellevue, Washington. The documentary stars Billy Baldwin, and features Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Robert Marbut who also served as Executive Producer. Read More ›