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Washington’s Largest Homeless Encampment Finally Closes 

“I wish it was still going on,” Justice Andino tells me at Camp Hope in Spokane, Washington. “I liked it here.” Andino and his wife Tracy were the last two people to exit one of the largest homeless encampments Washington has ever seen. Andino holds back tears as he speaks. After living at Camp Hope for over a year, Andino says he will miss the community, the people, and the sense of safety. “I felt like the people gave a sh*t about you, you know?” Andino and his wife are moving on and into a new apartment, and he says his tears are tears of joy. Organizers claimed that more than 600 people lived at Camp Hope at its peak. Read More ›

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Burien Church Offers Building for Temporary Detox Center

Search for Solutions #Burien council meeting is expected to be packed again Monday evening. Neighbors and biz owners are demanding an immediate solution to address the homeless encampment expanding in the main business corridor. Several new tents popped up over Easter weekend. Drug use is rampant. One camper got arrested. Volunteers at Hope Community Christian Church are trying to help, even offering to convert part of their building into a detox center. But they’re running into red tape and bureaucratic obstacles at City Hall. Meanwhile, @burien city leaders are calling on King County officials to step in and give them more resources. Is anyone working together? @KCCouncil @kcexec @KC_RHA @GovInslee @JoeMcDermottWA @DiscoveryCWP Finding More Foil and Needles New location, same Read More ›