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Kistap County Woods

Homeless Crisis Exploding in Woods of Kitsap County

What Are You Voting For? I bet HOMELESS CRISIS+PUBLIC SAFETY are top issues, especially in #Seattle. But did you know, Kitsap County(Port Orchard, Bremerton)+unincorporated parts like Silverdale are struggling w/same issues? Here’s a preview. Environmental Disaster in the Making Important salmon species SPAWN in Clear Creek. Yet Silverdale residents concerned pollution and runoff from homeless encampments will wreck this place. This is a HIDDEN CRISIS in the woods. Waiting for officials to respond. Disturbing Find I’m working on in depth story about homeless crisis exploding in Kitsap County region. Neighbors say Level 3 sex offender is living in woods not that far from a middle school. But when we went to back to site, he was gone. @KitsapCoSheriff has been Read More ›