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Tiffany Washington

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“Now is a good time to look at the model,” Mayor Bruce Harrell After KCRHA CEO Resigns

Political Liability Over the weekend, I caught up exclusively with #Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@mayorofseattle) and Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington to discuss the recent controversies swirling around the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA.) 1) KCRHA Continuum of Care Board Chair Shanee Colston’s defiance and refusal to resign after her public outburst defending a convicted pedophile. 2) Former KCRHA CEO Marc Dones’ abrupt resignation, leaving the agency in an uncertain situation. Distancing Themselves @KingCoRHA clearly doesn’t want want to have anything to do with this hot mess created by Colston. If she refuses to resign, is anyone going to step up and remove her? I’m still trying to figure out if this can even be done. Global Attention This story Read More ›

Little Saigon

Return of Tents in Little Saigon Highlights Potential Enforcement Gray Area in Seattle

Gray Area @MayorofSeattle homeless plan says if tents show up in same spot(happening now in Little Saigon) after clearing, neighbors can contact city and crews will respond within 48hrs. But what if tents show up the across street? Do same enforcement standards apply? Reminder Here’s what Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington said last week when I asked how they would respond if a tent or RV returned to the same area after a clearing. Email or Find It Fix It, and city is supposed to address within 48 hrs. Just to Be Clear When city cleared S. Weller St last month, tents and structures were all set up on only one side of the street. Now there’s a new tent on Read More ›

Tiffany Washington Presser

Seattle Deputy Mayor Provides More Details on Sweeps and Clearing Encampments

Official Confirmed Seattle Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington also revealed tons of insight: –@SeattlePD will be at all encampment removals -City crews were attacked by far left activists -Sweep schedules will not be released to public because of far left activists. Criteria for Clearing This is what Seattle residents have been waiting for! But probably not what you expected. Deputy Mayor Washington laying out criteria for when city will respond to homeless encampments in neighborhoods for a sweep. Must listen to back and forth. Two Day Response Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington now says there will be even more of an emphasis on using the Find It Fix It app. If encampment, tent, or RV’s been moved and it returns to, city Read More ›