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Behind the Scenes Look at “Crisis in the Woods”

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Raw Look

My series “HIDDEN CRISIS IN THE WOODS” incited quite a response and conversation. But there’s more. SELECT group of media followed @KCCReaganDunn @kingcosoPIO to experience first hand.

Behind the Scenes

I just scratched the surface. There are many more homeless people living in these heavily wooded areas and more are headed here. Look at the waterfront property I found! It’s not just unincorporated King Co. It’s also in Seattle and across the region.

COVID Restrictions?

@MayorofSeattle and @wsdot @GovInslee now removing homeless encampments on public right of ways. But why not in other parts of @KingCountyWA and unincorporated? @KCCReaganDunn says @KCPubHealth has not updated pandemic guidance.

Tough Love

@KCCReaganDunn new legislation would create interagency task force focusing first on wooded area off Green River Rd. in unincorporated @KingCountyWA. If successful in helping out the homeless living here, then they would try to expand that. Makes sense.