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Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe
Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe

‘Tranq’ Crisis Shows How Harm-Reduction Drug Policies Eat Americans Alive

The cultural pull not to stigmatize anything or anyone is misplaced, purchasing a momentary façade of autonomy at the cost of untold harm and suffering. Read More ›
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Easter Homeless Pedology

Today is Good Friday, and some people ask what’s good about a bad news day that commemorates crucifixion. Sunday is Easter, a good news day that everyone could share, but let’s face it: Most humans around the world don’t, and the number of Americans who do is declining. That’s sad but not surprising, and to explain why I’ll introduce what may be for you a new word and some new thoughts concerning homelessness. The new word is pedologist, a scientist who studies the origins, composition and distribution of soils. The root of the word is the Greek pe´don, soil. If you are a seed sower, a pedologist might be able to tell you where your labors are likely to be Read More ›