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Bellevue Transit Center

Bellevue’s Homeless Community Reeling After Attack On One of Their Own

Looking at the graphic photos and aftermath of this brutal beatdown is difficult even for the most hardened law enforcement veterans.. “This kind of cruelty is absolutely unacceptable. Investigators, prosecutors, who have seen the worst of the worst in people look at this case and are heartbroken,” says Casey McNerthney, spokesperson for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.  These photos show 63 year old Eric Larson intubated with a fractured skull, unable to speak, and fighting for his life in the hospital.  Prosecutors say Larson is homeless and uses a wheelchair. Early Sunday morning at the Bellevue Transit Center in downtown, police say 25 year old Gabriel Vargas-Garcia  assaulted him.  “This was an unprovoked attack,” says McNerthney.  Authorities say Vargas-Garcia Read More ›

The Roman Forum in Rome at sunset
The Roman Forum in Rome at sunset

Debating Sinfulness and Homelessness in the Declining Roman Empire

Two of the most influential theologians in world history and the history of homelessness were born in (or maybe around) 354 A.D. I could announce it like a heavyweight championship boxing match: “From the north of the Roman empire, from an out-of-the-way island called Britain, stalks the preacher of perfection, Pelagius. From the south of the British empire, the province of Numidia in Africa, comes the master of disaster, Augustine.” Read More ›
Homeless Assault Camera Footage

Homeless Man Brutally Attacked in Downtown Bellevue

Warning: Graphic Photos One of the tragedies of homelessness is that the homeless themselves are often the victims of crimes. Case in point, an absolutely horrific and unprovoked attack was caught on camera in downtown Bellevue this past Sunday. Bellevue Police says a homeless man in a wheelchair was brutally assaulted at the Bellevue Transit Station early Sunday morning. In a story that has gone uncovered by local media, Eric Troy Larson is now fighting to stay alive. Latest Update Officials say Larson is in critical/stable condition and is dealing with a skull fracture and tremendous loss of blood. He remains unconscious and intubated, unable to talk. Larson is also an amputee. Serious Charges Prosecutors say 25 year old Gabriel Read More ›

A double row of tombstones decorated with colorful flowers
A double row of tombstones decorated with colorful flowers

King County to Bury More than 200 Homeless People Through Its ‘Indigent Remains Program’

Homeless Victims After this senseless attack on a homeless person, I’m being reminded of enormous challenges this vulnerable community faces on streets. Next month, King Co will bury more than 200 homeless people who’s families could not be located. Sobering Reality Take a moment to look at these names. All from different backgrounds and ethnicities. This is happening in King County. Likely an undercount.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 3.22.13 PM

Neighbors Call on We Heart Seattle to Clean Properties in Seattle and King County

Happening Now Neighbors calling on @weheartseattle to clean properties in Seattle/King Co., knowing politics, red tape, and bureaucracy have paralyzed more broad based efforts by PUBLIC OFFICIALS. Homeless also helping. Sources say this Airport Way S. location may become RV LOT.

Green River Rd

King County Clears Encampment Along Green River Road, But Stragglers Remain

Stragglers Early Wednesday morning, crews will finally be clearing the RV encampment along Green River Rd. in unincorporated King Co. Process was delayed after @KC_RHA asked for more time to do outreach. This evening, only a few people remain. But they aren’t planning to leave. Happening Now Crews clearing thousands of pounds of trash on Green River Rd. in unincorporated King County. Most homeless campers/RV’s are gone. But deputies have ZERO authority to remove them if they return. Several guys said they’re coming back once crews leave. Where’s the Enforcement? Reagan Dunn spoke to me this morning, reiterating importance of his new legislation that would give King County Sheriff’s deputies the authority to remove homeless campers if they returned. Right Read More ›

Video still by Jonathan Choe, © Discovery Institute

Evolution of an Encampment

“Just a whole bunch of chaos" says a Licton Springs resident. Until the city acts, some neighbors are taking precautionary measures — adding more surveillance cameras, locking up their spigots, and putting covers on electrical outlets.  Read More ›
Licton Springs Tents

New Homeless Encampment Growing Worse in Licton Springs

Exclusive Dozens of complaints sent to @MayorofSeattle about what’s being called Seattle’s next PROBLEMATIC homeless encampment w/new tents being set up consistently. Water being stolen from houses, drug dealing, loud noise, and confrontations w/campers. FULL report coming up. Inconvenient Truth Watch exclusive video. Guy stealing water from faucets. Neighbors say he’s associated w/rapidly expanding homeless encampment in Licton Springs. Campers tell me they MOVED here after series of recent encampment clearings in Seattle. Community Outrage vs. Homeless Needs Been tracking evolution of this Seattle homeless encampment for weeks. Started off with only a few tents. Now it’s more than 20. Homeless tell me @MayorofSeattle needs to add portable toilets. But neighbors say that would enable them to stay. Sunday Afternoon Read More ›

The golden apse of the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls in Rome, Italy.
The golden apse of the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls in Rome, Italy.

Homelessness and Early Christianity

In my notes from the 1990s are two well-intentioned church bulletin announcements: “Thursday night: Dinner for the homeless.  Medication to follow,” and “Don't let homelessness kill you...let the church help.” Read More ›
Rome, Italy: The Roman Forum. Old Town of the city
Rome, Italy: The Roman Forum. Old Town of the city

Homelessness in Ancient Rome

Homelessness is nothing new. Two thousand years ago Roman historian Livy described a tugurium, a made-of-scraps lean-to like the ones I’ve seen homeless people construct on trash heaps in Guatemala City and Phnom Penh. British historian Peter Brunt’s summary is blunt: “Most of the inhabitants of Rome lived in appalling slums.’” Read More ›