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Cleanup at Tashkent Park

Another #Seattle homeless encampment sweep. This time at Tashkent Park. That’s at least 5 now in the city this past week. Neighbors once again applauding @MayorofSeattle but hoping there is a plan to keep campers away. This park has been cleared multiple times before. Read More ›
Photo by Jonathan Shoe

Mayor Bruce Harrell on Sustainable Change

@MayorofSeattle being praised by many neighbors living around problematic homeless encampments in Seattle. Others now feeling hopeful their encampment will soon be cleared. Read More ›
Capitol Hill aerial
Capitol Hill Seattle Washington USA City Aerial Landscape Buildings Highway View
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Capitol Hill Clean Up

Unclear how many homeless were living at this Capitol Hill encampment. I counted around 20 tents and structures. Also want to know how many took offers for shelter referrals and support services. Read More ›

Generous Donation Gone to Waste on Bad Homelessness Policy

Seattle civic and business leaders have announced a $10 million collaborative effort to tackle the downtown chronic homelessness problem. “It’s the beginning of some good news,” Mayor Bruce Harrell declared when they announced the financial donation. Read More ›
Photo by Jonathan Choe

Bruce Harrell, Jay Inslee, and Reach Ministry on 3rd Avenue

the @SeattlePD mobil precinct being stationed on 3rd Ave. in downtown Seattle. City sources now say there’s chatter it could be moved in the near future and biz owners aren’t happy about it. Read More ›
Night Time Police Violent Crime Intervention. Police Vehicles with Flashing Lights.
Night Time Police Violent Crime Intervention. Police Vehicles with Flashing Lights.
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Some Big Cities Are Coming To Their Senses On Law And Order

Law and order won big in Seattle last November when Ann Davison was elected city attorney. Other cities seem to also be waking up to the urban decay brought about by lax law enforcement, but leftists are not giving up without a fight. Read More ›