Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

The Fentanyl Treatment Keeping People High


On this episode of Restorations, Caitlyn is joined by formerly homeless addict and convicted felon Ginny Burton. Ginny is an advocate for life transformation and a voice of reason on law enforcement, addiction, and homelessness. Here, we talk about fentanyl treatment, the indoctrination happening on university campuses, why abolishing incarceration is a horrible idea, and more.

Caitlyn McKenney

Program Coordinator, Center on Wealth and Poverty
Caitlyn (Axe) McKenney is program coordinator for Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty. Her work has centered on government fiscal accountability, political rhetoric, and addiction with a focus on human dignity ethics. Caitlyn is a graduate of the University of Washington, has interned for a political advocacy organization in Washington, D.C., and has participated in the Vita Institute at the University of Notre Dame. She is published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, has contributed at the Federalist, and has made local and national media appearances.