Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives



The Fentanyl Treatment Keeping People High

On this episode of Restorations, Caitlyn is joined by formerly homeless addict and convicted felon Ginny Burton. Ginny is an advocate for life transformation and a voice of reason on law enforcement, addiction, and homelessness. Read More ›

Lynnwood Community Outraged Over Proposed Opioid Clinic Near Boys and Girls Club

The frustration is palpable. A brand-new opioid clinic is scheduled to open in the next few months inside this Lynnwood office building on 196th Street SW in the Alderwood neighborhood.  Read More ›
Unique at Methadone Mile in Boston
Video still by Jonathan Choe, © Discovery Institute

Struggling at Boston’s Methadone Mile

But the situation is far from perfect.  On the outskirts of Boston, some call this place “Methadone Mile.” Others give a more hopeful moniker: “Recovery Road.” Either way, city officials say it's a humanitarian and health crisis.  Read More ›