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Jonathan Choe Chased by Man with Nunchucks Downtown Seattle

Lost Cause Day or night, this part of downtown Seattle near DESC’s (@DESCSeattle) Morrison and Lyon Building continues to be a blight on the city. Multiple 911 calls to this location each day. Zero accountability and city leaders like Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) cannot keep up with the insanity. Drug addicts, tents, and mentally ill people flood 3rd Ave & Cherry St at all hours of the day. Even after more than a year of sweeps, the so called “trap tents” keep coming back. People are doing drugs under umbrellas and carry all sorts of weapons out here. As long as a DESC property is in your hood, city leaders must continue with the sweeps and have extra security on Read More ›


3rd and Pike Bus Stop Removed Due to Drug Use

Join the Club King County Metro (@KingCountyMetro) just removed another problematic bus shelter in downtown Seattle. This time at the corner of 3rd Ave & Pike St in front of the Ross store. Drug addicts were using it as an open air fentanyl den. Otherwise, no more cover from the elements. It’s a bummer for senior citizens who have to wait in the scorching sun or pouring rain. Unclear if it’s a temporary move. Otherwise, this stretch of downtown looked good Tuesday compared to other days. Multiple law enforcement officers up and down the block. But dudes were still passing out on the street. Just another routine day in #Seattle. Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@cmandrewjlewis) should be out here every single Read More ›


Hearing From City Council Candidates Leading up to the Primary

Final Countdown August 1 primary is on Tuesday. There is still plenty of time to vote. So many tight races in Seattle, especially in District 7. Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis ,@LewisforSeattle) remains one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the city. I reached out to him for an interview on this election story but he never got back to me. Candidate Bob Kettle (@Kettle4Seattle) dissed me as well. Instead I spoke to Olga Sagan (@OlgaSaganWA) and Aaron Marshall(@MarshallFor7) about top priority issues on my beat like homelessness, public safety, and the fentanyl addiction crisis. More importantly, they walked with me through some of the most notorious crime hot spots and open air drug dens in the downtown core. Clearly, they Read More ›


Watch Me Count Tents on Ballard’s Leary Way

Game Over Ballard A few more days to go until the August 1 primary in Seattle. Sunday afternoon, I went to check in on the homeless crisis exploding in Councilmember Dan Strauss’ (@CMDanStrauss) hood. Strauss remains vulnerable in District 6 and is fighting for his political life. I assumed he would have figured out a way to clear some of the tents for the sake of optics. Instead, Leary Ave NW is a wreck. I have never seen so many tents lined on this street. The side streets are pretty bad as well. You can walk to all 38 tents in a matter of minutes. I’m not even counting the dozens of RV’s and structures. Just the tents! Based on Read More ›


Rock Hurled Through Windshield on I-90 From Homeless Encampment

Exclusive Another terrifying incident along a Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) right of way in Seattle. Friday evening, WSP (@wastatepatrol) confirms someone hurled a brick/rock through the windshield of a moving car traveling on 90E. This is near the ramp to the highway off Rainier Ave S. It’s an area that continues to deal with homeless encampments and mentally ill people roaming the streets. Authorities say somehow, the driver did not suffer serious injuries and is handling all of this through insurance. So far no suspects or arrests. This is just a few minutes away from the former homeless encampment known as “Tammy Town,” named after Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales.) Morales recently doubled down and said she opposed encampment Read More ›


Staunch Democrat Explains Disappointment in Seattle’s Leadership

Arguably Worst Month for Governor Jay Inslee July was a total disaster when it comes to the homeless crisis exploding on Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) right of ways. National media picked up on the insanity being built on WSDOT properties like the notorious West Seattle swimming pool, homeless cave/underground tunnel system, and EWOK Village in the trees. Making matters worse, this week a DRUG WAR involving homemade BOMBS caused one of the largest explosions in downtown Seattle along I-5. The Mayor of Seattle had to go in and clear the encampment since it was taking the state way too long to address this emergency. And there are still more than 2K encampments on state right of ways with Read More ›


Seattle Steps in to Clear Inferno Encampment, Hundreds of City-Supplied Needles Litter the Ground

Breaking Thursday morning, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) finally ordered crews to clear the notorious I-5 homeless encampment in downtown #Seattle. Even though it’s on Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) property, the Mayor “deemed it an emergency,” so he was able to take control of this situation. I have been reporting for months now that the Mayor has always had this option. WSDOT’s problems have just become too much of a burden. The Mayor is clearly taking matters into his own hands. Otherwise, the investigation continues into this inferno, fueled by a DRUG TURF WAR involving homemade BOMBS. Witnesses say it was a REVENGE HIT JOB. Once again, this is not a housing crisis. A criminal enterprise was being Read More ›


Chinatown-ID Candidates Talk Defunding Police, Homelessness at Forum

Hot Topics Like so many neighborhoods in #Seattle, the conversations around public safety and homelessness usually dominate candidate forums. Chinatown-ID is no exception. This Asian American community in D2 continues to deal with a disproportionate amount of problems related to these issues. It’s evident what you will get under Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales, @TammyMoralesSEA.) She’s pretty much doubling down on the same ideology and approach. Tanya Woo (@votetanyawoo) and Margaret Elisabeth (@MargaretForSCC) are the insurgent candidates. Here’s the Q&A on HOMELESSNESS in FULL. *Check out the rest of this thread for other topics. Public Safety Varying viewpoints and takes on this issue. What’s working and what’s not for this neighborhood? Police Accountability Current D2 Councilmember Tammy Morales pledged to defund Read More ›

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Propane Explosion Sets Seattle Homeless Encampment Ablaze

A fireball engulfed several trees and tents along I-5 in downtown Seattle on Friday morning inside a well-known homeless encampment. The property is a Washington State Department of Transportation right of way, and witnesses say they heard propane tanks exploding and saw “a bunch of black smoke.” Fire crews responded immediately to extinguish the flames. Authorities say one man suffered injuries from the fire and checked himself into Harborview Medical Center. “We need to get these people off the streets,” one witness tells me. A hospital spokesperson says the victim is notorious graffiti vandal Casey Cain, also known as EAGR. His tag was found on a sink left standing amid the wreckage. The 36-year-old was out on bail for vandalism Read More ›

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Seattle Clears Notorious Swimming Pool Encampment

Clean-up has begun for a massive homeless encampment across the street from the Arrowhead Gardens senior living community in West Seattle. Diane Radischat, president of Arrowhead’s senior living association, is pleasantly surprised. She didn’t expect the removal to start this soon and says, “the clean up that’s going on today appears to be pretty extensive.” Crews began removing trash and dismantling the infamous swimming pool that had been set up on the property on Friday morning. Radischat says she refers to the people living there as “occupants,” and that she’ll “remain calling them that.” Monica Parrish set up the swimming pool and built a patio and says being asked to leave is “getting a little bit emotionally harder and harder Read More ›