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tranq in seattle

Horse Tranquilizer “Tranq” Appears in Fentanyl in Seattle

Tranq Fentanyl is Here in Seattle Go to #Chinatown-ID right now, and you will see several people with rotting flesh walking around in a zombie like stupor. DEA (@deahq,@DEASEATTLEDiv) confirms it. Jay Yanamura is one of the patriarchs in the community and has started documenting this disaster in the making. #CID remains ground zero for the drug addiction crisis. Just listen to him lay out what he and other senior citizens have to deal with every single day. He also continues to call out Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) for not being around during their “time of need.” #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @cmkshama @GovInslee @kcexec @JoeMcDermottWA @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil @KCPubHealth @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @SeattleFire @SeattlePD This is Insane “Because xylazine is not an opioid, Read More ›

arson suspect in court

Homeless Arson Suspect Appears in Court, Friends Say There are Two Sides to the Story

Homeless Arson Suspect in Court Thursday morning Arthur Arakelov faced a judge for the first time. He’s accused of torching dozens of boats in Lake Union last month and causing millions of dollars in damage. He pleaded not guilty. Meanwhile, #Seattle‘s homeless community remains in shock over these allegations and supporters say this was likely an accident. He’s being held on $100K bail and is due in court again later this month. @mayorofseattle @D5Juarez @kcexec @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil @GovInslee @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @seattlePD @SeattleFire More from SPD Body Cam It appears Arakelov was cooperative and wanted to get out of the cold. He was treated on site and taken to the hospital. #Seattle Surveillance Video Look at the orange glow. Authorities say Read More ›

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Walking Through Darkness, A Spiritual Response to the Drug Crisis

Volunteers have been working to move people living in tents outside Burien City Hall into shelter. But they tell me that only a few accepted the offer. Most simply moved down the street to a new plot of land. Murphy Shaw and Joseph Riverson are with Hope Christian Community Church, one of several ministries helping these homeless men and women. “We’re gonna be here, we’re gonna keep ministering to them,” Riverson told me. As frustrated neighbors and business owners sharply critiqued city leaders at a council meeting for being unprepared for the growth of this new encampment, Riverson decided to take action. “I’m pitching a tent right here,” said Riverson, who is trying to build trust and relationships in the Read More ›

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Difficult Cases of Homelessness: Angel’s Story

Now What? Sweeps continue Monday morning in #Seattle. It’s the only way to keep these dangerous encampments from becoming a liability for neighborhoods like Fremont. Once again, We Heart Seattle (@weheartseattle) and Andrea Suarez (@weheartfounder) tackling some of the most difficult cases. But when severe mental illness and drug addiction are in play, even the most well intentioned outreach becomes an exercise in futility. Listen to “Angel’s” story. This is also why “housing first” will not work for people like her. She’s been given pretty much all the options from tiny houses to apartments. She’s burned all bridges. Every lawmaker about to craft homelessness policy must listen to this. What will be done about the most extreme cases? This has Read More ›

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Man Discovered in Tent Days After Death, Family Thanks Outreach Worker Who Found Him

Horrifying Discovery For the past few months, I have been following We Heart Seattle (@weheartseattle) founder Andrea Suarez (@weheartfounder) and her volunteers across #Seattle as they clean up this city and try to save homeless men and women living on the streets. But this past week, I was out of pocket when Suarez discovered the decomposing body of a 54 year old man in a tent right next to @TMobilePark as the @Mariners were getting ready for the season opener. Sunday afternoon, I went back to finally see where this all happened. Suarez says this must be a wake up call for this entire city and a call to action. @GovInslee @kcexec @MayorofSeattle @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil @CMTammyMorales @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @KC_RHA

overdose narcan

Seattle Pedestrians Save Woman from Overdose Death

Breaking Woman dying after drug overdose was saved by four bystanders Sunday afternoon in #Chinatown-ID. TRUE HEROES. They teamed up to call 911, started chest compressions, and administered NARCAN. @SeattlePD and @SeattleFire arrived and took over. This is near the notorious Little Saigon drug den and open air black market which I have spotlighted for more than a year. It continues to thrive. Authorities say these types of close calls happen daily in #Seattle. In many cases, the addicts die. Why is this still being allowed on our streets? *We need to find the bro on the bike and the fella wearing the Air Jordan cap. They played a massive role but took off before I could get their story Read More ›

drug scene third avenue

“It Gets Worse Every Year,” Says Seattle Resident of Drug Scene on Third Avenue

They’re Back On Wednesday, crews were polishing the sidewalks on 3rd Ave near #Seattle City Hall and there were zero tents in sight. Today, a few new tents have already popped right back up and the street hustlers are back. Open air drug use with Mariners fans walking by for Opening Day. Keep sweeping @MayorofSeattle. No other options. Gotta separate the criminal element from the actual homeless who need help. Still waiting for Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) to come out with me for a walk through the hood. #Seattle Just Yesterday Aside from the open air drug use which is everywhere, 3rd Ave & Cherry St was looking better. This is just one block from #Seattle City Hall. Mayor needs Read More ›

man on couch CID

Tents Creep Back Around Formerly Clear International District Encampment

Day After Sweep This evening, the fence is up at the former King St. homeless encampment on @WSDOT property after Wednesday’s clear out in #Chinatown-ID. But multiple tents, a couch, and a generator have already popped up on the other side. These sidewalks are city of #Seattle‘s responsibility. How soon until crews move in and clear this out? Unreal. Residents and biz owners are afraid @govinslee will surrender #CID again. They want @mayorofseattle to continue with on going sweeps. These are the folks who have refused housing options. Still no sign of Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales.) @JoeMcDermottWA @kcexec @seattlecouncil @kccouncil @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @WAStateCommerce The Other Side At the former Jackson St. encampment in #Chinatown-ID, crews were still cleaning the Read More ›

Parents question WSDOT

Parents Question WSDOT Leader Over Inaction on Dangerous Ship Canal Encampment

Washington State Department of Transportation Confronted Thursday, The Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@WSDOT) gave some members of the media a final tour of the U. District side of the Ship Canal Bridge encampment before it gets fenced off. Some parents showed up to direct pointed questions at WSDOT Region Administrator Brien Nielsen. Otherwise, outreach workers say 14 homeless men and women were placed into housing situations that met their needs. Unfortunately for the folks who showed up recently to this encampment, they did not get housing they wanted so are headed back on to the streets of #SEATTLE. Otherwise, no sign of KCRHA CEO Marc Dones. Have not seen him at a sweep since the 10th and Dearborn removal Read More ›