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Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe
Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe

‘Tranq’ Crisis Shows How Harm-Reduction Drug Policies Eat Americans Alive

The cultural pull not to stigmatize anything or anyone is misplaced, purchasing a momentary façade of autonomy at the cost of untold harm and suffering. Read More ›
king county health director

“We are Struggling” Says King County Health Director About Record High Fentanyl Deaths

Exclusive On Monday, Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) announced his plan to revitalize downtown #Seattle and tackle the fentanyl crisis flooding our streets. Afterwards, I got an update from Dr. Faisal Khan, the top doc in King County. This past January, he sounded the alarm on the medical examiner’s office running out of room to store bodies because of the drug overdose epidemic. They eventually found extra storage space but Khan says they’re on pace for even more drug overdose deaths this year. He’s now calling for bolder action before it’s too late.

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Seattle Mayor Responds to Criticism About Enabling Drug Crisis

Is Harm Reduction Really Working? On Monday, I asked Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) if giving away all these meth pipes and needles is really the best way to go about addressing the drug epidemic, especially since King County is still dealing with record drug overdose deaths. Advocates say it’s one of the best ways to keep people safe and alive. Critics say it’s enabling and making the problem worse. Here’s how the Mayor responded. #Seattle Are Safe Consumption Sites Part of Seattle’s Future? Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) took more of a measured approach on this one. While there are no immediate plans to bring in safe consumption sites so addicts can use illicit drugs under medical supervision, the Mayor hasn’t Read More ›

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Seattle Tourists Witness Overdose on the Sidewalk Downtown

Downtown Disaster Right after my segment about #Seattle‘s drug crisis aired Saturday evening with Dan Bongino (@UnfilteredOnFox), I did my weekly check in on 3rd Ave in downtown. Without fail, addicts were using meth and fentanyl in front of children and all the tourists. I saw tranq fentanyl wounds on users. One young man even overdosed! Once again I had to offer my NARCAN which I carry all the time. But thankfully, Seattle Police (@SeattlePD) officers had some on hand and saved his life. Next week, Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) will issue an Executive Order addressing the fentanyl and synthetic drug crisis. We’re also expecting a preview of the Downtown Activation Plan. But will this be enough to take back Read More ›


Reporter Asks Governor Inslee if the State Should Decide “Who is and Isn’t Media”

Washington Media is Waking Up It’s evident, certain politicians hate transparency, accountability, and tough questions. In case you missed it, on Thursday one reporter point blank asked Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) if he thinks state agencies should determine “who is media and who isn’t media.” He was totally caught off guard. Is this an acceptable answer from the Governor of WA? Listen. BTW, I am still banned from Inslee’s press conferences. His media handlers say I’m not a “credentialed journalist” even though I have multiple media credentials from several news outlets outside of my media fellowship. I hope he allows me in one day. Assault on Press Freedoms Last month, I was nearly kicked out of a press conference in Read More ›


Jonathan Choe Nominated for Four Northwest EMMY Awards

Nominated for Four EMMYs This time last year, I was on the sidelines after being fired from KOMO News. My former station CAVED to pressure from far-left activists and media hacks who accused me of promoting the Proud Boys after I live tweeted a peaceful march in Olympia. I was about to leave #Seattle and explore other news opportunities. That is until Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty (@DiscoveryCWP, @DiscoveryInst1) took a major gamble and offered me a media fellowship to continue my journalism. Today, my team and I were nominated for FOUR #NWEMMY awards, one of the highest honors for excellence in TV/online broadcast journalism. Even if we don’t take home any hardware at the @natasnw award ceremony, Read More ›

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Burien Church Offers Building for Temporary Detox Center

Search for Solutions #Burien council meeting is expected to be packed again Monday evening. Neighbors and biz owners are demanding an immediate solution to address the homeless encampment expanding in the main business corridor. Several new tents popped up over Easter weekend. Drug use is rampant. One camper got arrested. Volunteers at Hope Community Christian Church are trying to help, even offering to convert part of their building into a detox center. But they’re running into red tape and bureaucratic obstacles at City Hall. Meanwhile, @burien city leaders are calling on King County officials to step in and give them more resources. Is anyone working together? @KCCouncil @kcexec @KC_RHA @GovInslee @JoeMcDermottWA @DiscoveryCWP Finding More Foil and Needles New location, same Read More ›